Online School Grants

Online education is the most preferred mode of education these days as it gives the freedom to either work or carry household jobs or earn money and study at the same time. Generally online courses are taken up by adults so they have to support for their education themselves unlike dependents. However if one carries the notion that online education comes out to be cost effective than the traditional methods is wrong. The only overhead that one saves is probably the cost of living and sometimes cost of travelling. At the same time there is a cost of computer, internet access and related software to be incurred.Online schooling is also considered for grants and funding. However not many people are not aware about the same and think that there are no grants or funds available for this mode of education. That’s not the case though.The criterion and the procedures for online schooling are by and large the same.
Free Application for Federal Student Aid, i.e. the FAFSA form is to be filled like for any other grant or fund. Again students with the maximum need of financial aid are determined using the Expected Family Contribution, i.e. EFC. The FAFSA form is to be submitted to the U.S Department of Education, and in case you get qualified for any of the grants, you would be intimidated about the same.
Select a school which is being accredited to conduct such courses.
Once the school has been zeroed upon, calculate the cost of education and keep a buffer of about 20%- 30% in the fee as the course fee fluctuates every year. The average cost for such courses ranges from $10,000 for a public university course to more than $10,000 for a private university course. However, since already mentioned, as the likelihood of increase in fee as the course completes is high, it is advisable to keep some buffer. One also needs to account for the money that he/she would be spending in acquiring computer, related software and books because one would have access to libraries for any reference work. So everything has to be purchased or hired, which involves some cost.While arranging for funds, again you have multiple options in hand to pick from:1. Check for any local bodies that are willing to fund your course2. In case you belong to minority or differently able category, check for the groups specially set- up to provide assistance to you.3. Then there are certain organizations that provide scholarships on the basis of “essay writing” or based on “certain values”. “Wheelchair Scholarship Fund” and “Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest” are two such popularly known organizations.4. Check with your employer for any funding, as every penny counts. The Human Resource Department, commonly known as HR, has all the relevant information. There could be a probability that they might require you to abide by certain terms and conditions like signing up a contract with the company for some no of years, or sponsoring certain courses, which might benefit the company or some other. All these details should be dig well in advance, in order to avoid any last minute rush or confusion in understanding the policies and procedures of the employer.5. Then of course various Government and Federal grants are always there to help.

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